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Kitchen & Duct Cleaning can provide a full deep cleaning service for your kitchen, restaurant, bakery, pastry and many more.

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We offer much more than just standard cleaning services. Our experienced team members use the best techniques to conduct an extremely thorough and effective deep clean of your entire kitchen, if this is what you require. We have built a reputation as a restaurant cleaning company with extremely high standards, and whatever state your commercial kitchen is in we will make sure our work meets or exceeds your expectations every time.

Industrial Cleaning Services
Kitchen Cleaning Services

We provide a wide array of cleaning services that span over many industries from restaurant kitchens, bakeries, pastries to pharmacies and many more. We provide efficient cleaning with very low water consumption. Our machines are fully adjustable with high pressure cleaning and decontamination module for intensive use. They allows us to combine the power of the pressure with that of the temperature. Our machines are designed for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, equipment and premises in an industrial way. They allow us to particularly work very close to the surfaces raised and eliminate them without splashing and without risk of moving the dirt on other devices nearby. The advantage of compressing a small quantity of water allows to heat it continuously in our patented boilers and to restore it at the outlet of the nozzle under 150 bars of pressure with an impact on the surfaces more precise than any high pressure cleaning standard.

Steam Cleaning Dry steam cleaning is an innovative and efficient cleaning process that tends to become the most appropriate heavy or specific industrial cleaning technique thanks to its effectiveness on a wide variety of surfaces (fabric, metal, plastic, etc.). Manual cleaning techniques generally require a high consumption of water and detergent. Dry steam presents itself as an ecological, economic and less risky alternative for operators. The principle of dry steam cleaning is based on the projection of water vapor under high pressure, which acts as a disinfectant and degreasing agent. The steam under pressure and at very high temperature makes it possible to clean and unclog sludge all surfaces of the air conditioning system without damaging it, saving water and treating the most inaccessible places. The pressure will premeditate a mechanical action, moistening and staining the dirt without scratching the surfaces to clean or twist the fins often very fragile.
Cleaning Service 1

Projection with the foam gun of a very powerful food cleaner.

Cleaning Service 1

Washing and sanitation using a wheeled floor bell at 150 bar hot water (low water consumption: 2.5L/min).



It generates no bacterial resistance or habituation of micro-organisms since it uses only water. Moreover, no protective equipment (not even gloves) is necessary because this method does not use any toxic product and does not cause any risk of allergy. It is therefore a guarantee of optimum safety for operators.


Reduced water use - reduced by more than 90% compared to traditional methods because dry steam cleaners operate using a tiny amount of water to produce several hundred liters of dry steam per hour - saving detergent products.


Low water consumption and no chemicals needed so no toxic waste, no risk of allergies or poisoning for the user. Steam can be used in busy working environments (offices, factories, hospitals, communities ...) the surfaces will dry very quickly and it will also increase the life of the appliances.


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